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  1. Forever21 iPhone App

    May 27, 2012 by Wynne

    I love online shopping on Forever21. They always have the best styles at affordable prices.  I was updating my iPhone today and discovered  that they have completely refreshed their App.  The new App connects their users to all social networks that most 21 year-olds care about.

    Upon launching the App, it doesn’t start at the top not with what you can buy, but instead they celebrate their users first with images from Lookbook.  Following that is YouTube, and then finally their New Arrivals.  They also have a tab that allows users to get even more social which populates the most recent feeds from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    This is a successful App for many reasons, but mainly because unlike other brands like Zara or H&M; it’s utilizing social networks to celebrate their brands. They aren’t afraid that users look at that content first, because they understand that it is those places that their users find the most value.  It is also on social networks that Forever21 discovers how their most recent fashion trends are translated in today’s 21 year old’s life.  Clever and amazing! Here’s to discovering more Apps that integrate social networks fearlessly.

    Forever21 iPhone App

    Forever21 iPhone App

  2. Benefiting Positively

    January 17, 2012 by Wynne

    “Still, there are a couple of things UX design professionals do agree on: design is good, design is essential, and people should benefit positively from their interaction with any design.”
    - Antonia Anni

  3. The Value of Design

    January 6, 2012 by Wynne

    An inspirational quote from LinkedIn’s must reads of the week:

    “Unlike most software companies where day-to-day and detailed product decisions are made by product managers with business backgrounds, Mark Zuckerberg’s design team is his imperial guard. They work closer to him than any other discipline in the company.

    The powerful fusion of great design, great engineering, and real authority in the hands of those people, results in magical user experiences. As we have seen over and over again, this simple dynamic creates truly great products.”
    - Garry Tan

  4. Fail Fast

    December 28, 2011 by Wynne

    “When people are allowed to fail and take risks, they learn faster to solve problems and their productivity increases. In the end, their work becomes much more powerful.”
    - Bryan Zmijewski, Founder of ZURB

  5. Tree Sorting – Optimal Workshop

    November 1, 2011 by Wynne

    Optimal Workshop is an intuitive user testing tool if you’re working on content heavy projects and require tree testing or card sorting.

    Go to Optimal Workshop

  6. Staying Focused by “Bokardo”

    October 10, 2011 by Wynne


    1. Focus on improving what you already have. Don’t add new features, improve existing ones.
    2. Make what you have faster. It can always be faster. Remove delays (like Instagram did by removing filtering delays…they even now have live filtering)
    3. Improve usability Instagram also redesigned their already-successful photo taking screen. It would have been easy to skip this…
    4. Resist the urge to add new features. Wait until the market demands it or you have real evidence that your business is hurting as a result.

    Shared from: How Instagram Stays in Focus by Bokardo

  7. Starbucks Venti Cold Cup

    October 2, 2011 by Wynne

    I recently bought a $20 venti cold-cup from Starbucks – that I use, everyday.  Like everyone else I use it at work – PLUS I bring it home on the weekends and now I even bring it to the gym – YES.  It’s great to see that even in everyday little things we’re beginning to re-think how we create them, and gradually allowing people to participate in that transformation.  In addition, any refill from Starbucks using the cup is only 0.54 cents.  Bonus!  The most recent article from fastcodesign is about how the KeepCup addresses the three keys that make great interaction design.

    Three Keys that make Great Interaction Design (from fastcodesign)

    1. Context
    “Think about the challenge, culture and geography in which the work is intended to sit. The relevance of the problem it addresses, and the timeliness and appropriateness of the solution.”

    2. Impact
    “The potential impact of the work on people, its intended users and society; on business, profit, cost, brand; and on the planet, the environment and the world.”

    3. Craft
    “The coherency, structure, behavior, and meaning of the work. Its presentation, emotional content, and practical purpose; Its elegance in language, functionality, and use, as it supports human interaction.  Attention to detail, fit and finish, how the medium serves the purpose and goals of the design.”


  8. New Design – Barbie Princess Charm School

    September 19, 2011 by Wynne

    We’ve been working on this for the past month! Check it out on TreehouseTV (for a limited time only)!

    Cheers and kisses,